This event was held successfully between 21Nov to 24 Nov 2023. This website is now an archive. The IEEE central team MUST archive this site to https://site.ieee.org/isgt-asia-2023/ before the 2024 event site is put on this link to keep the marketing momentum.

People can review the keynote live streams on the following links
https://ieee-isgt-asia.org/live-stream/ and https://ieee-isgt-asia.org/recordings/

Later when successfully archived the links would change to

https://site.ieee.org/isgt-asia-2023/live-stream/ and  https://site.ieee.org/isgt-asia-2023/recordings/


12th IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference, Asia
Dates: 21 Nov 2023 – 24 Nov 2023
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The IEEE PES ISGT Asia conference is an IEEE PES flagship conference organized in Asia. It addresses power grid modernization and the applications for the wide use of information and communication technologies for more intelligent operation of electric power systems and integration of renewable and distributed energy resources. IEEE PES ISGT Asia will be a venue for stakeholders from industry, academia, electric power utilities, power and energy service providers, partners, vendors and research and development organizations to share and exchange experiences, new ideas and enabling technologies which will address the enormous challenges to be faced by the industry in response to decarbonisation of generation and integration of high levels of renewable energy resources into future power grids.

The IEEE PES ISGT Asia 2023 conference will feature keynotes, plenary sessions, panels, industry exhibits, paper and poster presentations by worldwide experts and enthusiasts on smart grid and related technologies. Professionals, researchers, practitioners, innovators, and students worldwide are invited to the conference to contribute to the latest trends and emerging and innovative technologies for grid modernization.