Virtual Presentations

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Paper ID Title and authors


Interpretable Data-Driven Probabilistic Power System Load Margin Assessment with Uncertain Renewable Energy and Loads

Bendong Tan, Junbo Zhao, Weijia Liu and Nan Duan

30 Stochastic Unit Commitment Model Considering the Impact of Carbon Emissions Trading

Xin Bai, Xinran He, Yuge Sun, Li Zhang, Suibin Zhang and Tao Ding

31 Security Assessment of Power System with Stochastic Uncertainty Based on Steady-state Controllable Distance

Chenxi Hu, Jiazuo Hou and Yunhe Hou

33 Moving Target Defense Oriented D-FACTS Deployment and Operation

Zhen Yu, Binger Ye, Jiazhou Wang, Yang Liu, Yinguo Yang, Qiuyu Lu, Yu Zhu, Shuangxi Wu and Yang Liu

35 Potential impact of wind-based Synthetic Inertia on the Frequency Response of the Argentine-Uruguayan Interconnected Power Systems

Nicolas Yedrzejewski and Alvaro D. Giusto

42 A Multi Grid Coordinated Resilience Enhancement Approach for Load Recovery under Extreme Fault

Xiaotong Zhang, Hongxu Huang, Chaoxian Lv, Ge Zhang and Rui Liang


Locating Faulty Section in Tie-line Using Classification Based Methods

Viresh S. Patel, Aastha Kapoor, Ankush Sharma and Saikat Chakrabarti

44 Risk-Averse Graph Learning for Real-time Power System Emergency Load Shedding

Jizhe Liu, Yuchen Zhang, Ke Meng, Yan Xu and Zhao Yang Dong

49 Impacts of Residential Ice Storage Systems on Low Voltage Networks

Javad Jazaeri, Tansu Alpcan and Robert Gordon

52 A Bilevel Electricity Market Equilibrium Model Considering GENCO’s Optimal Investment and Bidding Decision

Binghao HE, Huanxin Liao, Wenxuan Liu and Junhua Zhao

57 Real Time Detection and Control of Loss of Synchronism using Energy Function Criterion and Phase Sequence Exchange Technique

Nitesh Singh, Saikat Chakrabarti and Ankush Sharma

60 Robust Data-driven Sparse Estimation of Power Flow Sensitivities for Smart Grid Monitoring and Operation

Yingqi Liang, Junbo Zhao, Dhivya Sampath Kumar, Pierluigi Siano and Dipti Srinivasan

62 A Unified Distributed Secondary Controller using a Dynamic Consensus Algorithm in DC Microgrids

Dawei Liao, Fei Gao and Xin Liu

64 Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles at Residence Under Different Tariff Regimes and Meter Configurations

Keerthi Balaram Javvadhi and Pradeep Yemula

66 Voltage Stability Enhancement Through Active Power Control of Converter-Interfaced Generation

Weilin Zhong, Georgios Tzounas and Federico Milano

67 Price Chain Analysis From Primary Energy Prices To Electricity Market Clearing Prices

Li Junjie, Wang Hongliang, Luo Yufeng, Hai Zheng, Lan Zhou, Hu Jiahua and Wang Yizheng


Optimal Power Sharing Control with Stability Enhancement for Islanded Microgrids

Li Sun and Guangzhong Dong

71 Streaming-Data-Driven Distributionally Robust Joint Operation of Multi-Microgrids and Off-Site Hydrogen Refueling Stations under Uncertainties

Longyan Li, Chao Ning and Haifeng Qiu

77 Trajectory Based Model Predictive Control Strategy for LC Filtered VSIs

Jiahao Yu, Fei Gao and Junzhong Xu

79 Distributed Hierarchical Control for VSC-Based DC Microgrids with AC-DC Coupled Strategy

Boshen Zhang, Fei Gao, Yuanlong Li and Dong Liu

82 Comparing Spatio-Temporal Models for Aggregate PV Power Nowcasting

Guoping Ruan, Xiaoyang Chen, Yang Du, Eng Gee Lim, Lurui Fang and Ke Yan

83 Optimal Strategy for Customer Directrix Load based Demand Response Considering Comfort and Preference of Customers

Yan Meng, Shaolun Xu, Juhua Hong, Shuai Fan, Jucheng Xiao and Guangyu He

90 Exploring Peer-to-Peer Demand Response Transaction Framework between Prosumers in Electricity Retail Market

Min Lu, Kang Xie, Yicheng Jiang, Lizhong Xu, Kan Yang and Xunhu Yin

96 A Gramian Angular Field Transform-Based Higher-Dimension Data-Driven Method for Post-Fault Short-Term Voltage Stability Assessment

Yuchi Tang, Chao Ren, Rui Zhang and Shuo Ren

98 The Effect of Battery Storage Participation in Australian Wholesale Electricity and Frequency Control Markets

Yi Huang, Dan Gordon and Paul Scott

104 Autonomous Decentralized Control of Distributed Generation using Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Jian Liu, Weifeng Xu, Zhijun Liu, Guanhua Fu, Yunpeng Jiang and Ergang Zhao

111 Economic Dispatch-Based Secondary Control for Islanded Microgrid

Fahad S. Alshammari and Ayman EL-Refaie

113 Distance Protection with Dynamic Trip Region for Lines Terminated by Inverter Based Resources

Yuhao Xie, Yu Liu, Dian Lu, Binglin Wang, Yun’an Xu and Yixiong Jia

114 General Format of Phase-Mode Transformation Matrices for 3 Phase Power Systems and Applications to Transmission Line Protection

Jinhao Qiu, Yu Liu, Dian Lu, Yuan Nie and Ze Liu

115 Power Network Parameter Estimation with Voltage and Current Magnitude Measurements

Yixiong Jia, Yu Liu, Kang Yue, Xinguo Zhang, Yun’an Xu and Yuhao Xie

116 Phasor Domain Single-Ended Transmission Line Fault Location Method Based on Harmonics without Remote Side Information

Ze Liu, Yu Liu, Dian Lu, Mengzhao Duan and Jinhao Qiu

119 Optimal Two-Level Charging Station Pricing Considering Electric Vehicle User Price Elasticity

Xun Li, Chikun Huang, Han Wang and Youwei Jia

121 A Bid Limit-based P2P Energy Trading Framework

Jainendra Jain, Sachinkumar Suthar and Naran M. Pindoriya

122 Performance Analysis of Adaptive AC/DC-Coupled Droop Characteristic in DC Microgrids

Chunxiaolu Yang, Boshen Zhang, Fei Gao, Dawei Liao and Jiahao Yu


Control Configuration Based on AOE and Its Application in the Power Allocation of BESSs

Shufeng Dong, Yibo Hua, Kunjie Tang and Chengsi Xu

130 A Review of Control Strategies for Operation of Distributed Resources Under Grid Faults

Amit Gupta and Chandrasekhar Perumalla

132 Day-Ahead Scheduling of Behind-the-Meter Battery Energy Storage Systems to Serve Utility Infrastructure

Joymala Moirangthem and Krishnanand Kaippilly Radhakrishnan

133 Optimal Coordination of Electric Vehicles for Voltage Support in Distribution Networks

Xiaoli Chen and Alessandra Parisio


Demonstration of Islanding and Grid Reconnection capability of a microgrid within distribution system

Niroj Gurung, Aleksandar Vukojevic and Honghao Zheng

138 Impact of Solar Generation Unit on the Static Stability of Power Systems

Ruslan Ufa, Vladimir Rudnik and Fujin Deng

143 False Data Injection Attack Detection with Feedforward Neural Network in Electric Vehicle Aggregator Bidding Price

Poornachandratejasvi L. Bhattar, Naran M. Pindoriya, Anurag Sharma and Naayagi Ramasamy T

144 Congestion Management In Interconnected Microgrids For P2P Energy Trading Integrated with ESS

Ajitha S, Yazhini S, Sridharan Priyadharsen, Narayanan K, Anurag Sharma and Gulshan Sharma

145 A Framework For Price Determination For P2P Energy Trading

Yazhini S, Sridharan Priyadharsen, Ajitha S, Narayanan K, Anurag Sharma and Tomonobu Senjyu

147 Power loss reduction in distribution systems in the presence of DGs and EVs

Kartik Iyer, Mounikaa J, Misha Jha, Narayanan K, Gulshan Sharma, Anurag Sharma and Tomonobu Senjyu

148 Power Optimization in DC Micro-grid with Monetary Perspective

Ashish Laddha, Vijayakumar Krishnasamy, Nandha Kumar Kandasamy and Satyanarayana Neeli

154 Distributed Energy Control System Based on Blockchain and 5G

Yong Yan, Zhongxu Li, Jianping Huang and Hao Chen

155 Energy management in low-voltage power systems: Benefiting from network-side flexibility

Yue Song

156 National Carbon Market Supply Demand Balance Analysis Based on Unit Level Heterogeneous Characteristic Modeling

Yening Lai, Yifei Zhang, Jie Huang and Xuetong Chen


Evolution of Electricity Distribution Control Room Data Streams – UK Case Study

Euan A. Morris, Rory Telford, Calum Mackinnon and Kyle Jennett


Improved Reserve Option Design Method for Renewable Energy Generators

Kun Hou, Li Zhang and Xinyan Su

169 Techno-Economic Comparison of Trading Agents for Renewable Energy Communities

Franz Teske, Felix Funk, Adrian Fehrle and Jörg Franke

171 Economic Scheduling of Multi Microgrid System Considering Power Grid Expansion Costs

Franz Teske, Adrian Fehrle, Felix Funk and Jörg Franke

177 Incentive models for electricity customers to participate in a cloud-based energy management system to generate flexibilities

Adrian Fehrle, Franz Teske and Jörg Franke

180 Hierarchical AGC Dispatch with Aggregated Resources

Mingxu Xiang

184 Flexibility in active distribution networks – modelling a fully coupled multi-energy system in MESMO

Verena Kleinschmidt, Thomas Hamacher and Vedran Peric

196 A Novel Three-Phase Multilevel Inverter Cascaded by Three-Phase Two-Level Inverter and Two Single-Phase Boosted H-Bridge Inverters.

Niraj Kishore, Kapil Shukla and Nitin Gupta


A Concept Solution Architecture for Electrical Distribution Control Centres

Calum J. Mackinnon, Matthew Hamilton, Kyle Jennett, Euan A. Morris and Rory Telford

199 A Theoretical Loss Estimation Method for Distribution Network Based on Typical Equivalent Load Distribution Curve

Yuxi Wang, Xuekai Zhang, Li Zhang, Yijing Ren, Xinyan Su and Chenhao Ying

205 Demand Analysis and Practice of Zero-carbon Industrial Parks

Wei Chen, Yang Su, Shi Song and Xiao Chen

207 A Simplified Matching Algorithm of the Carbon Neutrality Path for the Industry Zones

Jingqi Jin, Nan Li, Yening Lai, Jie Huang and Xuetong Chen

208 Optimal Operation of Green-Port Logisitcs System for Consumption Enhancement of Off-Shore Wind Power

Zichuan Shi, Feilong Fan, Jinming Yu, Guohao Yin, Hai Zhang and Zi Su

210 Stochastic Scheduling of Mobile Energy Storage Systems for Transmission System Resilience Enhancement

Zhanglei Guan, Haoyuan Yan and Tianyang Zhao

212 A Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning based Voltage Control on Power Distribution Networks

Bin Zhang, Amer M. Y. M. Ghias and Zhe Chen

216 Blockchain Application in Methodology for CCER

Zhigang Luo and Kehan Liao

217 Energy-economic-environmental Feasibility of Building-integrated Photovoltaic Systems in Singapore

Yingqi Liang, Can Berk Saner, Tong Jun Kenneth Koh, Hao Dou, Zhaoqi Huang, Faika Andreas Wolfram and Jinxin Tan

221 Charging Navigation for Commercial Electric Vehicles in Considering Traffic and Queuing Dynamics

Yantao Sun, Qilin Huang, Mengge Shi and Youwei Jia

223 Study on the Financial Settlement of Textile Printing and Dyeing Enterprises in the Carbon Trading Environment

Ruixin Xie, Shuyun Ren, Sirui Xiao and Na Liu

224 Charging Right Transaction Mechanism Among Green Charging Stations based on Blockchain Techniques

Yujie Liu, Mengge Shi, Youwei Jia and Linni Jian

227 Suggestions on improving the carbon spot market and developing China’s carbon futures market

Hao Pan, Zhibin Chen and Zixin Wang

228 Sustainable Energy-based Cryptocurrency Mining

Yingqi Liang, Can Berk Saner, Bryan Min Kwang Lim, Kai Tseng Hong, Jeffrey Wei Chong Lim, Keeve Juin Hwee Ho, Li Zheng Lim and Yun Ying Loh

229 Techno-economic Analysis and Strategy of Electric Vehicle Charging Station Deployment in Singapore

Yingqi Liang, Can Berk Saner, Xin He, Wei Wen Toh, Yingxuan Wang, Hao Zhou and Yiran Zhu

230 Optimal Charging Site Recommendation and Scheduling for Electric Vehicles Considering User Price Sensitivity

Chikun Huang, Mengge Shi, Han Wang and Youwei Jia

231 Analysis on Motivation of Textile Printing and Dyeing Enterprises to Participate in Carbon Trading in China

Caimei Gao, Shuyun Ren, Xinxin Huang and Shiting Huang


Review on China’s National Carbon Market and Analysis for Commercial Development Potential of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage in China

Ivan Li, Haoming Zhu and Liping Zhang

234 Techno-economic-environmental Analysis of Electric Vehicle Charging Facility Deployment in Singapore

Yingqi Liang, Can Berk Saner, Yuan Hao Kenny Kok, Kai Wen Kelly Chang, Yao Rong Lim, Jun Qing Lee and Qian He