Poster Session (Author Listing)

All the times are given in Singapore time (SGT, UTC+8).

Wednesday, 2 November 2022
Timeslot: 2 pm - 3:30 pm
Venue: Foyer

Chair: Dr. Dhivya Sampath Kumar & Dr. Anupam Trivedi

Paper ID Title and authors
39 Zonal Day-Ahead Energy Market: A Modified Version of the IEEE 39-bus Test System

Gioacchino Tricarico, Raju Wagle, Maria Dicorato, Giuseppe Forte, Francisco Gonzalez-Longatt and Jose Luis Rueda

55 Harmonic Analysis of Grid-Connected Inverters Based on Symmetrical Components

Kenichiro Sano and Wanbin Xing

63 A Novel Preventive Frequency Stability Constrained OPF Considering Wind Power Fluctuation

Sangwon Kim

85 Detection of Bad Data and False Data Injection Based on Back-Propagation Neural Network

Shiqi Li and Yinghui Han

86 Effect of Using Battery Energy Storage System in Merit-Order Based Load Frequency Control Considering Change in Area Control Error

Masaru Saida, Naoki Sasada, Masaki Imanaka and Takeyoshi Kato

89 Detection of Bad Data and Cyber Attacks in State Estimation using Support Vector Machine

Yinghui Han and Shiqi Li

107 Effect of La Niña weather conditions on operation of a future 100% renewable grid in Australia

Lucy Roberts, Bin Lu and Kylie Catchpole

110 The Resilience of The Grid from The Risk of Failure Due to Kite Thread Disturbance Case Study Khatulistiwa Grid

Sudarmono MOO Sasmono

117 Conservation Voltage Reduction using Submersible Transformer Integrated with OLTC and Monitoring System

Supakit Chotigo and Prajak Kittirattanaviwat

181 Control Structure Related Admittance-Shaping Effects in VSM Controlled Converters

Carolin I. Hirsching, Marco Lindner, Alexander Bisseling, Michael Suriyah and Thomas Leibfried


Battery based Renewable Energy Source Grid-connected Generation System with Improved Power Quality Feature+

Anurag Tiwari and Ruchi Agarwal

193 Harnessing Resource and Demand Flexibility for Energy Management in Urban Micro-grids

Lalitha Subramanian, Jiyan Wu, Rudy Tjandra, Sebastian Troitzsch, Tobias Massier, Erine Siew Pheng Teh, Romain Migne and Yan Xu

202 PV-Grid Interface Hybrid Energy Management System for EV Charging Station without PLL

Rahul Raj Kar and Rupesh Ganpatrao Wandhare