HATCH & Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

"Renewable Energy Integration: Latest Technical-Commercial-Regulatory Learnings and Challenges"

Thursday, 03 November 2022
11:45AM – 12:45PM (SGT, UTC+08)
Venue: Plenary room

The current push for stronger climate action, urged on by current geopolitical developments impacting energy prices and security, has provided greater impetus for economies and nations to decarbonize their economies more aggressively and urgently, particularly their electricity sector, whilst doing so in a reliable, secure, economic and sustainable manner. Jurisdictions such as Australia, parts of Europe, Asia and North America has seen significant uptake of renewable energy (RE) generation over the past decade, with some regions attaining greater than 50% RE penetration by annualized energy. Such high-renewable jurisdictions therefore serve as valuable real-world RE integration case studies for other countries, in particular learnings around both the successes as well as “lessons learnt” in deploying and integrating renewables from a systems-perspective.

An emerging enabler is interconnecting power systems/jurisdictions in order to source lower cost clean energy from nearby abundant regions, and therefore attain higher decarbonization of the local electricity system. Interconnections therefore presents a strategic option for countries such as Singapore that lack abundant native sources of renewable generation such as wind and hydroelectric power.

This industry plenary session brings together a broad-based coverage of renewable energy integration covering technical, commercial/economic as well as regulatory/market perspectives. A notable feature of this session is real-world Best Practice learnings from high renewable uptake jurisdictions such as Australia, the Americas (Texas, Hawaii, California, etc.) and parts of Europe including the UK and Ireland, with several international panelists participating.

• Dr. Wai-Kin Wong, Energy Systems & Technologies Integration Lead – Australasia- HATCH
• Mr. Dan Kell, Global Lead HVDC & FACTS- HATCH
• Prof. Akshay Kumar Rathore – Singapore Institute of Technology

• Dr. Dhivya Sampath Kumar – Singapore Institute of Technology