Wednesday, 2 Nov (Author Listing)

All the times are given in Singapore time (SGT, UTC+8).

Oral Session OS 1 (Timeslot: 2 pm - 3:30 pm)

Topic: System planning and operation with high renewable penetrations (Part 1)
Venue: Melati 4101AB
Chair: Dr. Jimmy Peng

Paper ID Title and authors


Reconfiguration Based Load Restoration in Active Distribution Networks with A Voltage Frequency Dependent Load Model

Ruipeng Xu, Cuo Zhang and Zhaoyang Dong


Value-Based Expansion Planning in Storage-Concerned Distribution Networks

Wei Lin, Zixu Wang, Zhifang Yang and Alexander A Vasin

27 Cyber-Physical Co-Simulation Testbed for Real-Time Reactive Power Control in Smart Distribution Network

Raju Wagle, Gioacchino Tricarico, Francisco Gonzalez-Longatt, Pawan Sharma, Charu Sharma and Jose Luis Rueda

50 Joint Renewable Generation Maximization and Radial Distribution Network Reconfiguration

Kin Cheong Sou and Kenny Giron

93 A New Monitoring and Control Method for Improving Voltage Stability Margin

Naoki Kono, Naoto Yorino, Yutaka Sasaki, Naoki Inoue, Yoshifumi Zoka, Ahmed Bedawy and Hajime Yasuda

95 Multi-Application Battery Energy Storage Systems for Energy Arbitrage and Frequency Regulation: Singapore Context Analysis

Sajitha K. Nair, Katayoun Rahbar, Peng Peng and Albert Albert

Oral Session OS 2 (Timeslot: 2 pm - 3:30 pm)

Topic: Stability analysis of low-inertia grids
Venue: Melati 4102
Chair: Dr. Muhammad Ramadan Saifuddin

Paper ID Title and authors
26 Impact of High Intermittent PV Systems on the System Frequency and Rate of Change of Frequency in Malaysia 

Xie Cherng Miow, Yun Seng Lim, Lee Cheun Hau, Jianhui Wong and Haris Patsios


Inertia Estimation for Interconnected Networks and its Application to the Uruguayan Power System

Octavio J. Rodriguez, Alvaro D. Giusto and Aldo S. Rondoni

59 Resilience-oriented Modeling and Co-optimization for Coupled Power and Water Distribution Systems

Yesen Yang and Edmond Y.M. Lo

69 Enhancement of Volt-VAR Control Using Voltage Sensitivity in Grid-Connected Photovoltaics System

Sandro Sitompul, Ken Shimomukai and Goro Fujita

100 Transient stability improvement of Croatian power system using FACTS

Anica Šešok and Ivica Pavić

Oral Session OS 3 (Timeslot: 2 pm - 3:30 pm)

Topic: Artificial intelligence for grid resilience enhancement
Venue: Melati 4002
Chair: Dr. Daisuke Mashima

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Title and authors
37 A Reinforcement Learning-based Volt-VAR Control Dataset and Testing Environment

Yuanqi Gao and Nanpeng Yu

51 Adversarial Attacks on Deep Neural Network-based Power System Event Classification Models

Yuanbin Cheng, Koji Yamashita and Nanpeng Yu


Data-Driven Ice Blockage Estimation of Water Intake at Niagara Hydropower Station

Koji Yamashita and Nanpeng Yu

97 Critical Load Identification for Load Redistribution Attacks

Praveen Verma, Sagar Gupta, Pallab Dasgupta and Chandan Chakraborty

182 Higher Training Size, Increased Model Complexity or Both: A Novel Decision Framework for Cycle Life Classification of Lithium-Ion Cells

Muhammad Osama Tarar, Naveed UL Hassan and Ijaz Haider Naqvi

Oral Session OS 4 (Timeslot: 4 pm - 6:00 pm)

Topic: System planning and operation with high renewable penetrations (Part 2)
Venue: Melati 4101AB
Chair: Dr. Muhammad Ramadan Saifuddin

Paper ID Title and authors
76 Stability Comparison Between AC and DC Microgrids Applying Sensitivity Analysis

Yuchen Zhang and Cao Jiahui


Three-Phase SRF PLL Model for System Frequency Response Studies in Low-Inertia Systems

Matej Krpan, Igor Erceg, Igor Kuzle and Hrvoje Pandžić

120 Offshore Wind Grid Integration – A Techno-Economic Comparison of MVDC and HVAC

Phuong Hong Nguyen

129 Estimation of Maximum Available Power in Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants Under Normal Operation and Cloud Shading

Soudipan Maity, Zakir Hussain Rather and Suryanarayana Doolla

170 A Linear Probabilistic Optimal Power Flow Model with Linearization Error Checking

Zhentong Shao, Qiaozhu Zhai, Yan Xu and Xiaohong Guan

174 A Machine Learning Based Approach for Frequency Response Prediction in Low Inertia Power System

Akhilesh Panwar, Zakir Hussain Rather, Ariel Liebman, Suryanarayana Doolla and Roger Dargaville 

189 Classification of Strategies Enhancing the Penetration of Electric Vehicles in German Low Voltage Grids

Sina Steinle, Lukas Held, Patrick Vasile, Michael R. Suriyah and Thomas Leibfried 

Oral Session OS 5 (Timeslot: 4 pm - 6:00 pm)

Topic: Renewable generation and low-inertia grid
Venue: Melati 4102
Chair: Dr. Gurupraanesh Raman

Paper ID Title and authors
40 System Strength: Classification, Evaluation Methods, and Emerging Challenges in IBR-dominated Grids

Aleksandar Boričić, Jose Luis Rueda Torres and Marjan Popov

92 Day-ahead Generation Schedule Considering Community Microgrid’s Uncertainties

Motonari Satoh, Yutaka Sasaki, Yoshifumi Zoka and Naoto Yorino

141 Fault Current-Constrained Optimal Power Flow on Unbalanced Distribution Networks

Jose Enrique Tabarez, Arthur K. Barnes, Adam Mate and Russell W. Bent

142 Integration of Pump-Storage Batteries in Offshore Wind Farms: Evaluation of Effects on Power Exchange

Phuong Hong Nguyen

176 Distance protection of inverter based renewables power evacuating lines and downstream network: Issues and mitigation approach

Vedanta Pradhan, Neethu George, OD Naidu, Zoran Gajic and Sinisa Zubic

Oral Session OS 6 (Timeslot: 4 pm - 5:00 pm)

Topic: Grid-edge systems and technologies (Part 1)
Venue: Melati 4002
Chair: Dr. Gururaghav Raman

Paper ID Title and authors
75 Comparative Evaluation of Cyber-Attacks on AC Microgrid Secondary Control

Haoyu Zhang and Zhipeng Yao

88 Optimal Scheduling in Rural Community Microgrids

Jialun Zhong and Yuxiao Wang

139 Community Energy Cooperation with Shared Energy Storage for Economic-Environment Benefits

Yinyan Liu, Haoning Xi, Yunqi Wang, Jun Lin and Jin Ma

206 Coordinated Control of Air-conditioning Load and Battery Energy Storage System for Improving Electricity Supply-demand Balancing

Rajabu Myovela and Kato Takeyoshi

Oral Session OS 7 (Timeslot: 5 pm - 6:00 pm)

Topic: Electricity market, innovative business mechanism, policy/regulatory aspects (Part 1)
Venue: Melati 4002
Chair: Dr. Jimmy Peng

Paper ID Title and authors


Flexible Stochastic Bilevel Scheduling Strategy in Hydropower Dominated Energy Markets

Abolfazl Khodadadi, Lennart Söder and Mikael Amelin

58 Daily Generation Schedule Estimation for the Entire Power System Considering Japanese Electricity Markets

Tsubasa Nagae, Taisuke Masuta, Yusuke Manabe and Nobuyuki Yamaguchi

166 Enabling Trusted Peer-to-Peer Microgrid Energy Transactions during High-Impact Low Probability Weather Events

Lakshita Lakshita and Nirmal Nair