Thursday, 3 Nov (Author Listing)

All the times are given in Singapore time (SGT, UTC+8).

Oral Session OS 8 (Timeslot: 2 pm - 3:30 pm)

Topic: Artificial intelligence and cloud based smart technologies in modern grids
Venue: Melati 4101AB
Chair: Dr. Mazheruddin Syed

Paper ID Title and authors
5 A Review of Machine Learning Applications for Li-Ion Battery State Estimation in Electric Vehicles

Wesley Qi Tong Poh, Yan Xu and Robert Thiam Poh Tan

123 Hybrid Digital Twin Architecture for Power System Cyber Security Analysis

Vijayakumar Ayyalusamy, Sivaneasan B., Kandasamy NK, Jianfang Xiao, Khalid Abidi and AMBRISH Chandra

233 Distribution Network Characterization for Ancillary Service Provision: Frequency Response through Voltage Control

Maria Robowska, Mazher Syed, Graeme Burt and Yan Xu

Oral Session OS 9 (Timeslot: 2 pm - 3:30 pm)

Topic: Electric vehicles
Venue: Melati 4102
Chair: Dr. Elsa Feng

Paper ID Title and authors
38 Modeling of the EV dynamic wireless charging load

Xin Cui, Liang Liang, Wei Liu, Junhong Liu and Yunhe Hou

72 An EV Charging Scheduling Methodology to Reduce Demand and Energy Charges in Industrial and Commercial Sites

Can Berk Saner, Anupam Trivedi and Dipti Srinivasan

73 A Vehicle and Charging Scheduling Framework for Campus Shuttle Electric Buses

Can Berk Saner, Raymond Ho Chin Wei, Sayed A. R. Alkaff, Wei Zheng Lee, Yu Wei Lee, Anupam Trivedi and Dipti Srinivasan

197 Towards Making Intelligent Decisions on SOC Strategies for EV Battery Life Enhancement under Practical DoD Ranges

Ayesha Khan, Ijaz Haider Naqvi and Naveed Ul Hassan

200 EV Driving Across Seasons: SOC strategies for Higher Battery Life Expectancy

Kashif Raza, Ijaz Haider Naqvi and Naveed Ul Hassan

Oral Session OS 10 (Timeslot: 2 pm - 3:30 pm)

Topic: Topical developments of power electronics converter in system resilience enhancement
Venue: Melati 4002
Chair: Dr. Dhivya Sampath Kumar & Dr. Nitin Gupta

Paper ID Title and authors
161 Performance Improvement of Weak Grid Interfaced Microgrid Using Multi Generalized Integrator Controller

Vijayakumar Gali, Prashant Jamwal, Anuar Syzdykov and Arshyn Zhanbolatov

164 MPC Control for Low Power PV System Against Grid Voltage Disturbances

Mukhtar Turarbek, Vijayakumar Gali and Prashant Jamwal

173 Implementation of DC-DC Converter using Ultra Capacitor and Digital Controller for Battery Electric vehicle Applications

Chitra Selvi Shokkalingam, Ramani Kannan TS and Sundaramoorthi R.

183 Modified Triple-port Double Boost Switched Inductor based DC-DC Converter for Single Phase PV System

Chitra Selvi Shokkalingam and Kamalathiyagarajan S.

194 Performance Analysis of Grid Connected SPCS under Unbalanced Grid Voltage, Frequency Deviation and Harmonics

Meghraj Morey, Nitin Gupta, ManMohan Garg and AjayKumar Singh

Oral Session OS 11 (Timeslot: 4 pm - 6:00 pm)

Topic: Toward digitalized microgrids with blockchain, data driven techniques, and cyber-resilience enhancement methods
Venue: Melati 4102
Chair: Dr. Pengfeng Lin

Paper ID Title and authors
29 Tron Blockchain Based Pricing Scheme for Energy Trading Considering Carbon Emissions Taxes

Jiawei Yang, Hongxu Huang, Yiwen Zhang, Jiahong Dai and Hoay Beng Gooi

68 A Cumulative Modified Weibull Model for Transformer Reliability Analysis Considering Environmental and Operational Factors

Lingfeng Luo, Nan Zhou, Yan Xu and Peng Wang

151 Efficiency Optimization for Hybrid Si + SiC Neutral-Point-Clamped Dual-Active-Bridge Converter for Energy Storage Systems

Jiaxin Dong, Josep Pou, Suvajit Mukherjee, Amit Kumar Gupta and Yu Zeng

175 A Confidence-Aware Data-Driven Method for Batch Small-Signal Stability Assessment of Power Systems

Qiaoqiao Li, Rui ZHANG and Koh Leong Hai

222 A Missing Data Tolerance Data-driven Method for Open-Circuit Fault Diagnosis of Three-phase Inverters Based on Random Forest and Resampling Scheme

Yuancheng Su, Yang Xia and Rui Zhang

239 Model Predictive Control Strategy of Grid-tied Converter control in Weak-Grid conditions for Containerized Microgrid (CMG) Systems

Gaurav Mani Gupta, Suman Mondal and Ali I. Maswood

Oral Session OS 12 (Timeslot: 4 pm - 5:00 pm)

Topic: Applications of optimization techniques for planning and operation of modern grids
Venue: Melati 4002
Chair: Dr. Yan Xu

Paper ID Title and authors
3 A Comprehensive Literature Review for Optimal Planning of Distributed Energy Resources in Distribution Grids

Ruoxuan Leng, Zhengmao Li and Yan Xu

23 Efficient Clustering of Distributed Energy Resources Minimising Cluster Variances

Jun-Xing Chin and Gabriela Hug

74 Joint Optimization of Battery Energy Storage and Gas Turbine for Ancillary Service Provision

Rohit Chandra, Katayoun Rahbar and Peng Peng

94 Two-Stage Optimization Framework for Battery Energy Storage System Co-Optimization in Regulation Market

Sajitha K. Nair, Katayoun Rahbar and Peng Peng

Oral Session OS 13 (Timeslot: 5 pm - 6:00 pm)

Topic: Grid-edge systems and technologies (Part 2)
Venue: Melati 4002
Chair: Dr. Jimmy Peng

Paper ID Title and authors
41 Mobile Vehicle to Microgrid for Emergency Distribution System Operation Considering EV SOCs

Yuki Sato, Taisuke Masuta and Thavatchai Tayjasanant

78 Distribution Network Congestion Management with Internet Data Centers Using Bi-level Programming

Zhihao Yang, Anupam Trivedi, Dipti Srinivasan, Ming Ni and Haoming Liu

191 Investigating Demand-Side Management (DSM) Opportunities Using Load Profiling: The Case of Qatar

Haya Monawwar, Khaled Abedrabboh, Omar Almarri and Luluwah Al-Fagih

195 Optimal sizing of Battery Energy Storage Systems for self-consumption in Urban Micro-grids

Rudy Tjandra, Lalitha Subramanian, Muhammed Imran, Erine Siew Pheng Teh, Romain Migne, Tobias Massier and Yan Xu