Professor Shu Yuen (Ron) Hui

Shu Yuen (Ron) Hui
MediaTek Endowed Professor, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Shu Yuen (Ron) Hui

Topic: “Electric Spring and Smart Load: Technology, System-level Impact and Opportunities”

Abstract: Increasing use of wind and solar power of intermittent nature pose new challenges to power system stability, which requires an instantaneous balance of power supply and load demand. Traditional power systems adopt the centralized generation principle with the control paradigm of “power generation (supply) following load demand” and unidirectional power flow from the power stations to the load centers. With increasing capacities of distributed renewable energy generation, control paradigm for centralized power generation is no longer valid for the future power grid. Distributed renewable energy generation in the load centers implies bidirectional power flow in the power networks and renewable power generation has stochastic nature. Therefore, for an emerging power grid, there is a need for a radical change in control paradigm to “load demand following power generation” in order to achieve power balance for system stability.

This presentation addresses recent developments in Electric Spring (ES) technology that has been proposed as fast demand-response technology. Analogous to mechanical spring, electric spring can absorb fluctuations arising from renewable energy generation in order to stablize the voltage and frequency of the power systems. They can offer effective demand response with very fast response time in the order of tens of milliseconds (i.e. almost instantaneous for the power systems at mains frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz). Starting with a brief explanation of ES concept, this presentation describes various types of ES topologies and their variants reported since 2012 for smart grid applications. Recent research of linking large-scale electric vehicle charging infrastructure with electric spring functions will be described. Their implications on the power system level and future developments will be discussed.

Biography: Professor Ron Hui (M’87-SM’94-F’03) received his BSc (Eng) Hons in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Birmingham in 1984 and a D.I.C. and PhD in Electrical Engineering at Imperial College London in 1987. He was previously Philip Wong Wilson Wong Professor at the University of Hong Kong. Presently, he holds the MediaTek Endowed Professorship at Nanyang Technological University and a Chair Professorship of Power Electronics at Imperial College London.

He has published over 500 research papers including 300 refereed journal publications. Over 120 of his patents have been adopted by industry worldwide. His research interests include power electronics, wireless power, sustainable lighting, and smart grid. His inventions on wireless charging platform technology underpin key dimensions of Qi, the world’s first wireless power standard, with freedom of positioning and localized charging features for wireless charging of consumer electronics. He also developed the Photo-Electro-Thermal Theory for LED Systems and Electric Spring technology for smart grid. He received the IEEE Rudolf Chope R&D Award and the IET Achievement Medal (The Crompton Medal) in 2010, and IEEE William E. Newell Power Electronics Award in 2015. He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences & Engineering, US National Academy of Inventors, and Royal Academy of Engineering, U.K.