Regular/Special Paper Format & Resources

The conference organizing and technical committees recognize the time and effort it takes for authors to prepare papers, however, we encourage your early submission of your intention to present a paper at IEEE IGST-Asia 2022. This will provide the Technical Program Committee with the ability to determine a preliminary program and promote it to our intended delegates.  We want to present a technically strong program and welcomes you, the contributor, to assist in achieving this aim.


All papers must be written in English with a maximum paper length of five printed pages (10-point font) including figures and references, in two-column format, with no possibility of extra page. Please note that you may not reduce the length of paper submitted for review after it is accepted.

The template format requires:

    • All full papers must be submitted under one of the subject areas listed above.
    • No authors bios, no pictures, no page numbers.
    • The title of your manuscript is limited to 20 words or less while the abstract should limit to less than 150 words.
    • Strictly use the provided manuscript’s template as provided and do not tamper with the preset margins. Once completed, upload your manuscript as a file in PDF format (in compliance with PDF 1.4-Acrobat 5 at least).

MSWord Template
LaTeX Template
Overleaf Template (read-only)

Authors must agree to the following conditions when submitting manuscript for reviewing:

    1. Affirm that the full paper has not been or will be published (in print or electronically) or presented elsewhere prior to the IEEE ISGT-Asia 2022 Conference.
    2. The correctness of the abstracts and full papers is the responsibility of the authors. Neither the Conference Managers nor authors have the ability to edit your abstract once the manuscript is submitted for reviewing processes.
    3. The content of the abstract will be retained throughout the whole process (from reviewing to publication). The submission portal will flag an error and will not compete your submission if there’s even a slight change in the abstract’s content.
    4. As a commitment to attend and support the Conference, the presenters of the accepted papers/abstracts are expected to register and pay either for the full Conference Program or the day of their presentation, before 2 November 2022 (a reminder will be sent to authors). Failure to register by this date may result in submitted papers/abstracts being removed from the program.
    5. The preparation and supply of any handouts or other materials used in any presentation will be the responsibility of the presenter(s).
    6. All costs to attend the Conference including registration, travel and accommodation are to be met by the presenters.
Reviewing Processes

For each submission, one of the following decisions will be made:

    • Accept: Papers in this category will be accepted for publication in the proceedings and presentation at the conference, possibly after making minor changes with the oversight of a shepherd.
    • Major Revision: Papers in this category are considered to be promising but need additional work (e.g., new experiments, proofs, or implementations). Authors will be given the opportunity to resubmit such papers, with appropriate revisions, in which case they should clearly explain in a well-marked appendix how the revisions address the comments of the reviewers. The revised paper will then be re-evaluated, and either accepted or rejected.
    • Reject: Papers in this category are declined for inclusion in the conference. Papers rejected from the first review cycle may not be submitted again.

Final accepted manuscripts will be published in the 2022 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies – Asia (ISGT Asia) Conference Proceedings® as well as other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases only if all the required materials have been submitted in the proper format, the full registration fee has been paid by one of the authors, and the paper has been presented at the conference.