For Authors

The 11th IEEE ISGT-Asia Conference seeks submissions that convey applicable solutions for real-world aspects of ‘Energy Resilience & Sustainability for Smart Nations’. Likewise, theoretical papers must make a convincing case to highlight the research contribution(s) and show relevance in practice from their results. Authors are encouraged to write the paper’s abstract and introduction in a way that it makes the results accessible and convincing to a general electric power system or cyber physical power system researcher.

Apart from Regular Paper submission, we also call for Special Paper submission organized by invited panelists from industry and academia experts, research institutes, consultancy firms, and etcs., that have contributed to the developments in smart grid technologies.  We seek your support to further expand realization and awareness for a resilient and sustainable electric power grid.

Hybrid Formatted Conference

IEEE ISGT-Asia 2022 is a hybrid formatted conference that allows authors to either present live at conference site or present virtually through a pre-recorded presentation for attendees to view on-demand. Author presentation guide/instructions will be shared nearing the conference day.


The IEEE ISGT ASIA 2022 uses START V2 Conference Manager submission system that requires authors to register/create an account prior to the paper/proposal submissions. Click here for more information.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at IEEE

IEEE ISGT-Asia is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in our community. If you have suggestions, concerns, or complaints related biases or sexual harassment, we encourage you to reach out to the Conference Co-Chairs. We are committed to protecting the anonymity of such reports and helping to address your concerns. We value your feedback and ideas to help us all build a healthier and more welcoming community.

We encourage the authors to be mindful of not using language or examples that further the marginalization, stereotyping, or erasure of any group of people, especially historically marginalized and/or under-represented groups (URGs) in Power & Energy Society. Of course, exclusionary treatment can arise unintentionally. Be vigilant and actively guard against such issues in your writing. Reviewers will also be empowered to monitor and demand changes if such issues arise in your submissions. Please check the link for more information.